Personal Growth and Spirituality

Personal growth and spirituality have an important role to play in connection to the movement towards a sustainable future on this planet because they help us to uncover our connection to our inner selves as well as to the whole. If we don’t understand what motivates us as individuals and where our emotional triggers are, we will find it much more difficult to work and communicate with others as we try to create change. Without a sense of something larger than ourselves there is a risk that the work that we do becomes empty of meaning, leading to burn out. It is even possible that without a spiritual foundation, we end up working to create sustainability solely for human gain or survival, preventing us from engaging in the wonder of seeing our place in the web of life. From this perspective investing time in our personal development and engaging in spiritual exploration are fundamental to social and ecological change.

The Gaia Spirit festival does not intend to teach that there is only one truth or encourage the choice of a particular religion or faith; our shared starting point is respect and reverence for the power of the natural world, and we will programme activities that develop this feeling in participants. We will also offer activities that explore different view of reality; from religious to humanistic, scientific and psychological models.

The creation of rituals and ceremonies is an important part of the festival: the simple act of doing things together helps us to connect to each other and to a sense of place, bringing things back into balance, giving us a sense of grounding, connection, and security. Our opening and closing ceremonies will start from the perspective of an earth-based spirituality, allowing for the inclusion of people from a variety of different belief systems and faiths, including the atheist and the agnostic.