Holistic Health and Well-being

The Gaia Spirit focus is on true health as a positive state of well-being, not simply the absence of problematic symptoms. We all know that our mental state affects our physical health, and for this reason we are programming talks and workshops that will share information and techniques to cope with stress, for example meditation, relaxation techniques and Qi Gong, as well as those exploring dance, movement and expressive arts to release stressful emotions. And in our Holistic Health Area you will find therapists of many different disciplines offering information and taster sessions – many of them free or in exchange for small donations – widening the choices available to you as you build your own health.

On a physical level ‘you are what you eat’ - and we are meeting the need for a healthy diet with the presence of stalls selling organic produce and Eco’n’logica running the restaurant, providing good, wholesome dishes, using fresh, natural and often organic ingredients, at very reasonable prices.

Finally our health can never be separated from our environment: a weekend in the countryside, in connection with nature, learning and sharing new things with wonderful people, will generate energy for each of us. Back home this energy will inspire those who surround you, creating more positive energy: a virtuous cycle building hope for the future – also fundamental to health and well-being.