Social and Environmental Activism

The Gaia Spirit Gathering aims to be an inspirational, practical resource to a world suffering the burdens of environmental degradation. A sustainable culture must incorporate respect for the Earth as a central value, and so throughout the festival there will be opportunities to explore our relationship to our planet with talks, films and exhibitions promoting respect for the Earth and understanding of the role of humanity in the problems facing the planet. However our focus is on solutions and the practical steps individuals and communities can take to positively influence the environment, and our programme includes workshops with an environmental focus for adults, young people and children, covering such themes as Permaculture design, the Transition movement and recycled art. We are inviting organisations dealing with environmental issues facing the local community, such as preservation of natural spaces, public transport services, energy and water supply etc., to come present their work to the public, as well as NGOs working on a wider platform covering such areas as responsible consumption and climate change.

Basing our philosophy on the maxim "Walk your Talk", Gaia Spirit also aims to provide a practical example by taking a sustainable approach to our festival. This will be expressed initially through our approach to sourcing the main ingredients that make up the gathering (using local companies where possible, local/fair trade products, organic catering, separation of rubbish and recycling across the site and an area dependent solely on renewable energy). Although we recognise that there are limitations to what we can achieve, especially in this first year, it is our ambition and our commitment to improve our performance year on year, and we will set clear targets by which our performance can be measured. We are open to suggestions to improve our performance in any area we have overlooked too, so keep your eyes open and help us improve!