Participating in the Holistic Health Space

Would you like some space to present your work and offer therapies to the public?

Gaia Spirit aims to offer visitors to our festival a wide and diverse Holistic Health Area, mainly during the daytime hours of our festival. In this area, dedicated to quiet peaceful activities, different therapists will have the opportunity to create their own space from which they can present their work and offer therapies to the public. We are open to requests to participate from therapists of any type: we want to encourage our public to try new things as well as the known.  

There are two ways of participating as a therapist, depending on whether you want to charge for your therapies of whether you are prepared to offer tasters and information for free or in exchange for donations.

  • For those who want to charge, we are not ourselves charging for the space you need for your stand/stall/tent for this first festival. You simply need to pay 50€ for your own entrance ticket to the festival, plusa deposit of 50€. This will be returned after the festival (please see conditions at the end of this document.
  • Those therapists who are happy to offer their therapies for free, or in exchange for donations, will not be charged for their space, nor for their entrance ticket. However you will need to pay your deposit of 50€ This will be returned after the festival (please see conditions at the end of this document.)

You have until 15th April 2011 to send in your form requesting a space in our Holistic Health Area. From this date we will be selecting from among the forms received, taking into account the date of application as well as the variety and quality of the offer in the final programme. We will get in touch with everyone by email by the 30th April.

A WORD ABOUT LANGUAGE: we anticipate that the majority of our public will be Spanish speaking, although there will be English speaking people present too of course. However please bear in mind that you will be able to reach more people if you have signs and posters etc in both languages.