Arts and culture

The Gaia Spirit Project recognises that enjoying the pleasures of art and culture is a basic need, and is fundamental to the creation of a sustainable human culture.  That's why we're offering a space where you can enjoy the creative efforts of the musicians and other artists who are collaborating with us in this gathering….

We want to integrate art of all types into the festival, including theatre, painting, sculpture, ceramics, video, photography, film, music, dance, light, singing, writing, handicrafts – in  fact any activity that can inspire creativity and is expressive. Also we don’t think you need to be an official "artist” to make art - in fact we all need to express our creativity. So bring your art with you, create an impromptu exhibition, or sign up at the Rincón Libre and sing, dance or tell jokes for us: express your creative self and enjoy the colour around you!