Who are we?

We have formed an organising committee comprised of members of the Asociación Holística Anayansi, all with training and experience in the specialist areas of the festival.

President: Hi, I’m Joanna Crowson, and I have been lucky enough to experience various wonderful festivals where the organisers and the public who participate have managed to create a great shared space full of creativity, colour and surprises. The huge effort I am dedicating to the creation of the Festival Gaia Spirit is sustained by my equally huge dream of creating here in La Muela, an event where we gather together everything we need for a sustainable culture: responsibility towards our environment and society, responsibility for our physical and emotional health and our personal growth, and our need to enjoy art and culture, meeting and having fun together so we can enjoy this all too short life that we have been blessed with. And doing all this with a group of wonderful friends such as those I find around me in this organizational phase is a complete luxury – without mentioning the numerous offers of help and support we have received from those around us. I truly feel this to be a shared dream, and this gives me a lot of hope. I’ll leave you with a toast based on the philosophy of permaculture: let’s enjoy this festival for ‘people, planet and the future.’ Hope to see you in La Muela! 

Secretary: Jorge Selfa Font – Degree in Naval Engineering, Escuela Universitaria de Cádiz. NLP Practitioner. Iridologist. Facilitator, workshops in Relaxation and Personal Growth. Trained in and practiced Organic Agriculture.

Treasurer: Manuela García Blanco: For me Gaia Spirit offers the  possibility of creating a space that I have dreamed of, where we can create a new humanity with varied interests: ecology, personal growth, fun, spirituality... and where all these interests help us develop as fully authentic human beings. I am really excited by the vision of this weekend!

Other Members:

Luis Puerta Gotti – ‘Eco-consejero en Medio Rural’ EU certified. Specialist in Environmental Auditing and Assessment of Impact, Junta de Andalucía. Secretary, Federación de Ecologista-Pacifista Gaditana (1986/87). Founding member Grupo Ecologista Guadalete. NLP Practitioner. 

Hi everyone. I’m Chris Davidson, and I am hoping to make an extraordinary contribution to the area and the world and the people, by doing my bit!

May Ruiz Troncoso:For me life is a party and when I was presented with the opportunity to participate in the organisation of Gaia Sprit, a macro party, how could I resist? Making reality of a thousand ideas full of colour, music, smiling faces of children and adults, throughout an entire weekend in the countryside, and surrounded by friends!  It is both a luxury and a great bit of luck to share this adventure, and I am living it intensely.

My name is Pamela Field. I have been a therapist using integrative methods of healing for over 20 years. For more than 15 years I have been giving talks, leading courses and facilitating holistic development groups for women internationally. I am the author of the book  La mujer que se sueña a sí misma (editorial Vesica Piscis).  Web:  www.pamelafield.com

The concept of a group of people offering their talents and passion to create something that goes beyond each individual is really attractive to me. That’s what has led me to collaborate in Gaia Spirit.  Well... participating in the meetings is alos a good “excuse” to see my friends more often too!

My name is Ralph Zurmühle. I am a Swiss composer and pianist. After a 2 year stay in the desert of Sonora, Arizona, I have just arrived here, next door to where Festival Gaia Spirit will take place in September. Although I compose mostly for the piano, films and documentaries, I have always been told that my music has a very healing effect. So, as I live right here next door to the festival, it will be a huge pleasure for me to put my piano in the holistic healing area and accompany the healings as I play live. www.ralphpiano.com

“We include our good friend Chari (Rosario Rincón Neva) here, with a special posthumous mention, because she was part of the initial team that worked on the early stages of this project, and her ideas about decoration, her committment, friendship and spirit will always be present”.