Welcome to the Gaia Spirit Gathering, a celebration of sustainability, inner growth and fun.

Festival Gaia Spirit was an unforgettable experience: a weekend of community in natural surroundings which took place in September 2011. We were a small group of friends with a shared dream which we were determined to make happen. And it was a dream that came true, but only with the help of a much bigger group of volunteers… For personal reasons we have decided not to hold the Festival again in the same format. We are leaving this page with its videos, photos and information as a witness to how wonderful it was....


We are a group of people with the same dream - to create a festival where we can discover ways to improve our quality of life and health, and have fun at the same time; a place where we can awaken ecological and spiritual awareness in a free and natural space in a beautiful part of Spain. The name "Gaia Spirit" is a description of what motivates us: "the Spirit of the Earth". The Asociación Holística Anayansiis a not-for-profit, and the profits from this event will be donated to the following projects:

We are receiving support from a lot of people who are helping us with their participation as workshop leaders, therapists, artists etc., as well as volunteers. Without their help this project would not be possible and we are very grateful. We would also like to thank the many different organisations, government departments and NGOs who are helping us to promote our Gaia Spirit festival:

  • Instituto Andaluz de la Mujer – Junta de Andalucía
  • Participación Cuidadana – Ayuntamiento  de Vejer de la Frontera
  • Participación Cuidadana – Ayuntamiento  de Barbate
  • Cooperación Internacional –  Ayuntamiento de Chiclana
  • Delegación de la Mujer –  Ayuntamiento de Chiclana
  • Dirección General de Acción Social y Solidaria – Universidad de Cádiz
  • Oficina Verde –  Universidad de Cádiz 
  • Area de Biblioteca y Archivos. Universidad de Cádiz
  • Instituto Andaluz de la Juventud –  Junta de Andalucía
  • Intermón Oxfam 
  • Asociación de Mujeres "Las Beguinas" –  Jerez de la Fra.
  • Centro Atman –  Cádiz
  •  ONG Vida Plena – Jerez de la Fra.
  • Asociación "Espacio de Luz" – Jerez de la Fra. 
  • Asociación "Ecoherencia" – Granada
  • Ecocentro – Tarifa
  • Coin en Transición

Thanks also to the businesses which have supported us:

  • Grafisol – Conil de la Frontera
  • Ozu! Kite and Surf Workshop – Tarifa

Together we can make our dreams a reality!

We are still seeking organisations, government departments and NGOs that will help us to promote, publicise and finance the Gaia Spirit Gathering.