How to participate by offering a talk or workshop

Would you like to give a talk or provide a workshop at the festival?

Gaia Spirit Festival aims to offer visitors a wide and diverse programme of talks and workshops, all of them relating to our areas of interest: ecology, inner growth, creativity and fun. We are open to suggestions for talks and workshops of any type. We anticipate having about 500 visitors to our festival, and within the programme we want to include over 30 talks and more than 20 workshops.

We want to encourage visitors to our gathering to experience both the known and the new. We have various spaces available for the different events we are programming:

  • We have several small and medium sized marquees, for workshops and talks, with a capacity of between 30 to 80 people. The standard group for a workshop will be around 30 people; for talks it will be 30 people in the smaller spaces and 80 in the medium sized marquee.
  • There is also an outdoor stage for talks and workshops held in the open.
  • The biggest marquee can also be used for activities for a larger groups. This could be suitable for mixed activities that fall somewhere between Workshop and Performance (for example for musical workshops, voice or dance workshops etc.)

Although we are keen to offer high quality activities, this is our first event and our funds are very limited. At the moment we can only offer an exchange in payment for talks/workshops. Details can be found about what we can offer in the attached form.

You have until 15th April 2011 to present your idea for a talk/workshop to us. After that we will select ideas from the proposals we receive, taking into account the date as well as the variety and quality of what we include in the final programme. We will inform everyone of our decision from 30th April, by email.

Conditions for active participation: complete the on-line form, or download and complete the PDF, then send it to us. (Address details can be found on the form itself).

A WORD ABOUT LANGUAGE: We anticipate that the majority of visitors to I Gaia Spirit Festival will be Spanish. It is not essential that you speak Spanish, as there will be English speaking visitors too, but we will obviously be programming fewer English only talks/workshops as we have few translators available. If you can supply your own translator, please let us know, as this may help us reach a decision.