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PLEASE NOTE: from 18th August we will no longer be posting out tickets - all tickets bought after this date will be held under the name of the person making the reservation at the ticket office at the entrance to the festival.

Send us an email detailing the tickets you want and giving us a secure address we can post tickets to. We will confirm how much you need to pay into our bank account, which will be the total owing for the required tickets, plus 1.50€ for postage by registered post. (Remember that although children under 12 years old and under are eligible for free tickets you still need to order them, for Health and Safety reasons related to capacity.)

Details of the bank account where you need to make the deposit when confirmed, with your name appearing as reference:

Account in the name of: Asociación Holística Anayansi

Bank: Caja Rural


Tickets are also available from the following establishments:

VEJER DE LA FONTERA: Tao, on the Corredera

CONIL DE LA FRONTERA: Espiral, a shop in C/Cadiz

JEREZ DE LA FRONTERA: Damajuana, C/Francos, 18